Can I use your theme on many sites?

You can utilize any Theme Package you buy the same number of times as you’d like, on the same number of sites as you yearning. The purchase of theme packages allows you unlimited use of the themes, as well as unlimited support. In other words, we do not restrict your use to a specific number of sites, or a specific period of time in which they can be used.

Do I need special software or system requirements to install your theme?

Like any website, you’ll need to own your own domain and have WordPress installed on a web host of your choice. If you’d like a host that completely manages your WordPress and installation for you, we can help with that – check out our Web Hosting Services.You’ll also need to have a basic understanding of how to move around and work within the WordPress dashboard. For some help with that, here’s some great resources for getting started.

Will WpTech customize my theme for me?

We offer customizing existing themes, plugins or CMS. So you can avail our service at cheapest rate to customize your existing website. Contact us for your theme customization .